We have a limited number of units left in stock and when they’re gone they’re gone. Time involved in the making of a stencil is reduced from many steps to just two. Ink Tanks- 2 part Cartridge Compatible. When I received the printer and installed it on my computer, it wouldn’t print. Price is higher due to availability issues and price hikes from vendors. We have years of experience in every aspect of film output and color separation techniques.

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Inkjets work best when all nozzles are in use to xante filmmaker 4 clogs. We just received a couple more ‘s. Note that not all features described within this manual and the electronic help may apply to your printer model and version of FilmMaker.

All Black Epson 13″ Film Output Solution (Factory Refurbished) – Film Direct

But after using xantw, it’s a great printer, after making xante filmmaker 4 adjustments, the positives print out clean lines. All of xante filmmaker 4 increase the quality and save you time. Sold my equipment and am now getting back into it. If you need it really black then use Ultra Premium Presentation Paper matte.

No need to purchase, learn and use secondary applications. Bryan offered to send me a new xante filmmaker 4 cartridge overnight, and I told him overnight wasn’t necessary.

Replacement 2 Part Cartridge Replacement Shell. I’ve owned the black max system a few years back.

He sent not only one but two new cartridges 2 Day xante filmmaker 4 California to Georgia which xante filmmaker 4 cheap, so I very much appreciate the customer service.

It’s hooked up through wifi which is great. The answer is yes and no. Too little ink and you’ll get banding and poor screen burning. This revolutionary, highly efficient product expedites the process by eliminating the need for a film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure or drying time.

The paper is completely recyclable as it contains no silicone. When making film positives you only need black ink in cartridges – color xante filmmaker 4 are a waste. This product has been discontinued by Epson and there is currently no RIP or aftermarket ink available for the new model.

Newer Epson models because of the serilized chips other solutions have been selected.

FilmMaker enhances and streamlines your Epson print applications and screen preparations, and with the exception of the Epson and R provides Variable Dot Halftone V-dot support.

Write your review here: Replacement Refillable All Black Cartridges. Film Direct Printer Technical Support and Advice Xante filmmaker 4 have years of experience in every aspect xante filmmaker 4 film output and color separation techniques. The image on the top was printed with our suggested “Rich Black” ink settings from the Xante filmmaker 4 drivers. If I choose to get a RIP, I’m sure it xante filmmaker 4 yield even better results, but these are fine by me for the time being.

Dry Stencil Material, 1 box 11x17box of It’s a lot more opaque than standard Epson ink. Product Advantages Screen printers only need black for film positives The All Black Ink System gives you black ink in much greater volume! Send jobs simultaneously xante filmmaker 4 different queues that are set up with different screening parameters or different printers.

Ink control is one of the key factors in producing high quality film. The kit comes complete with a set of our refillable ink cartridges pre-filled with our FD Black Dye ink and a sheet pack of our waterproof film. Come with the same factory 1 year warranty as the new ones. New Epson Printer – 13″ Wide Sheets Standard Format Printer 6 Refillable Cartridges pre-filled with our uv blocking ink,comes with auto reset chips no chip re-setter required Our new bad ass ink filling station.

Epson printers are special order and are non-returnable. These are Epson compatible cartridges and not manufactured by Epson, Epson is a registered trademark of the Seiko corporation.

Our FD film is a direct positive waterproof film with xante filmmaker 4 drying capability. Our retail line of film output products directly reflect this experience. That’s what I was doing before and I am glad I filmmamer this investment. This is the the one to buy guys. With a thickness of xante filmmaker 4 mils and a micro-porous coating technology that controls dot gain, UV characteristics, and drying, FD Film is perfect for color separations.

You can’t go wrong. Since slots are chipped and keyed this can’t be accomplished with an off-the-shelf-system but Freehand has made this great feature possible. The new dry stencil film also responds to needs for safer and environmentally sensitive products in our industry. If you’re a smaller shop that isn’t doing much in the way of fine detail or halftones then you can xante filmmaker 4 away without a rip.

Maintenace Tank Rebuild KIt. This is xante filmmaker 4 we can get, when these are gone we won’t be able to get anymore. I would recommend this product to anyone who is layering and tiling multiple transparencies printed on a laser or inferior ink-jet printer. We have years of experience in every aspect of film output and color separation techniques. For the money, I couldn’t be happier.

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