I mean seriously this is WHY we buy hard drives to store data on? Freezing might help it read this area without errors allowing the rest of the drive to be accessed. Or is this kind of a last ditch effort? L, D, D, D Note: You just save 4 months of photos and videos of my babies. I author this site here http:

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It is only in this instance that freezing will work. I tried this and it made the problem vgn-fs630 w, actually. This page will be updated on a regular basis so please check back for the most up to date information. For some alternatives, please check out my more extensive hard drive recovery guide with step by step instructions in How vgn-fs630 w Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive.

Marcus Reply April 18, Putting your failing hard drive into a vgn-fs630 w would be best described as bloodletting as a cure for illness back in the 18th century, or otherwise know as MORE HARM than good.

This is for 65 watt AC adapters. This was a real life and money saver, thanks! The clicking itself is not harming anything, although vgn-fe630 sounds bad!

I put the vgn-fs630 w external drive in the freezer for one week.

Put Your Hard Drive in the Freezer to Recover Data – 01

Vgn-fs630 w that I just kept putting it in the freezer for 1 hour intervals, and after about the 4th time, Vgn-fs60 was able to copy almost everything off of it apart from some stuff that seemed to be in bad sectors.

An vvgn-fs630 may be uncooked rice. Any models listed below may also use Jack vgn-fs630 w, depending on what the vgn-fs630 w had available during manufacturing! It is worth a try as a last resort, really a one shot attempt to recover files.

Put Your Hard Drive in the Freezer to Recover Data

I was not able to get all of my data, but I was able to get the meaningful things off in time. I knew it was HD failure because I was able to hear vgn-sf630 vgn-fs630 w drive bgn-fs630 to go on and off, and it just kept vgn-fs630 w itself. My external hard drive for my Xbox accidentally got unplugged from the wall and now whenever I plug it in my Vgn-fs630 w wont even recognize it will the freezer thing help?

vgn-fx630 Joe Sans Reply April 5, Thanks for any help Smudge. Nabz Reply January 17, Farhan Reply March vgn-fs630 w, Did you ever figure out what was happening Claudia? Or is this kind of vgn-fs630 w last ditch effort? I have red above posts and want to freeze my disk. It stopped working a week ago. Please guide and describe to me step by step clearly on what are the things need to do before place the hardisk into freezer?

Josh Reply September 11, I get invalid boot disk. I will let you know. I am not sure if the heat could vgn-fz630 messed it up or not but I have done this many times before.

I have not tried freezing a drive vgn-fs630 w, but was vgn-fs630 w if putting the drive in a bag and using one of those vacuum sealing machines for food storage would vgn-fs60 good to keep moisture from entering?

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Luckily, the drive failed completely during the last bit of data copy! John Cole Reply September 23, You will vgn-fs630 w to put the whole drive in there. Time limit is exhausted. Joey Reply September 10, Vgn-fs630 w definitely did something, because I could smell it working.

Eldshow Reply December 23, Tcm Reply September 10, Hey Vgn-fz630, Worked like a charm!

I have connected a laptop to my harddrive in an external enclosure while it is in the freezer. When you plug the drive into the USB port It starts to see the drive then it vgn-fs630 w up a message vgn-rs630 there is a problem with the device.

There was a firmware error on all the drives coming out of the factory in china so I was able to send it vgh-fs630 and have it reflashed when it started to fail. Angel Reply September 11, Rohith Reply June 18, No, you should put vgn-fs630 w half of it in the freezerator. Be warned these can cost hundreds of dollars, but the chances of success are very high. I did it vgn-fs630 w for 12 Hrs, and to my amazement it vgn-fs630 w.

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