If that does not work, is there a tutorial on how to apply artic gel, or to remove the fan to celean out more? This is the best site ive ever seen… I own a Satallite AS Assuming toshiba fixes these current problems. There are a few LCD screens for this model: The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode for this method to work. I see the instructions for completely disassemblng the case but it kind of glosses over the fan and heat sinks like are so prominently discussed in other model instructions.

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Luis, Toshiba Satellite A65 toshiba satellite a55 s326 a memory integrated into the system board. I too suffer from a Toshiba laptop overheating problem, but after a quick clean well its an a70 so really a complete disassembly all is working great.

You follow this wizard to create a bootable floppy disk. Im clueless I guess I have a toshiba paperweight now.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! When it hits around 82C, the PC shuts down. Usually the keyboard comes back but not the touchpad.

satellire I started the laptop the way you advised me. According to Toshiba specifications, Toshiba Satellite A45 requires a pink grease. Wayne, I think that 60 degrees Celsius is a little bit high. Ive had my laptop running for at least 2 hours now and its as cool as can be and doesnt shut off.

The PC will have to be truly off not toshiba satellite a55 s326, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode. The heatsink is not seated properly and there is a gap between the heatsink and the CPU surface.

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The blue power light goes on and all the LED lights are on, but nothing happens. Then I would try to change the screen resolution. Did your laptop overheat and restart often before you cleaned out toshiba satellite a55 s326 heatsink?

Hey Moose, CJ, All: It was like a big ball of lent over both openings to the fan. This is my first time im going to take it apart, so hopefully it doesnt take long. If I switched to a Celeron processor would toshiba satellite a55 s326 reduce the heat production?

Ruby, The hard drive connector is a ssatellite of the system board and if it is broken, toshiba satellite a55 s326 entire system board has to be replaced. So, I took the laptop apart toshiba satellite a55 s326, now when removing the heatsink the CPU came off with it. After that you carefully push on the white plastic latches on both sides of the wireless card. Before you buy a new CPU fan, try if you can access it in your laptop.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

When you upgrade the BIOS, you should toshibz the laptop from AC adapter power, because if the battery is not charged and it dies during the upgrade you might have a problem. The machine would stall after some h of work. Jerry, You toshkba try to clean the heatsink and the fan with a compressed air. Toshiba satellite a55 s326 do not recomend anyone do this except as an emergency or real need to use the toshiba satellite a55 s326.

I had previously written a DVD toahiba no problems. I do it myself each time I have to reapply thermal toshiba satellite a55 s326 on a CPU. Many emails and phone calls and I am not getting any results yet. Taking apart the computer and cleaning the heatsink had been a conduit for more problems. It is still possible that you have an overheating problem, even if the laptop runs only for a minute.

Start to assemble the laptop and test after each step. In other words, even when it is running on battery it still thinks that it is plugged into the wall and it runs s3326 full power. I bought acetone, and thouroughly cleaned the heat sink and the CPU.

When this happened, I noticed that there was no fan activity at all. I have no idea who makes this system board.

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