Many factors may influence modem connection speed, including telephone line noise or compatibility with telephone equipment, such as fax machines or other modems. Networking Why can’t my computer connect to a wireless LAN access point? Whenever possible, you should apply the following ergonomic considerations: Using a second battery To insert a second battery If another device is in the multipurpose bay, remove that device. If available, make sure the Data encryption WEP enabled check box is selected. If the icon still does not appear, follow these steps: Doing so may cause the computer to malfunction.

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You can also go directly to the Web site at http: Page Sony Electronics Inc. Remove the battery when the computer pcg-grt260g pcg-grt260t. See Insert the disc into pcg-grt260g optical drive.

Select Yes, and press Pcg-grt260g. Page Computer Features Using the Touch Pad A pointing device called a touch pad is located in front of the keyboard. Connecting a Port Replicator Connect a port replicator to the pcg-grt260g while the computer is pcg-grt260g. Page 52 Giga Pocket Personal Pcg-grt260g Recorder Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder is a suite of interactive Sony audio and video components pcg-grt260g are designed to create, capture, and play pcg-grt260g video files derived from pgc-grt260g and your personal videos.

The New Hardware Wizard enables you to easily install the printer software, but some printers require separate driver software installation.

If you need to secure the pcg-grt260g, wait a few moments for the computer to recognize the drive. Right-click Sony MemoryStick, and click Format from the menu. Page What do Pcg-grt260g do if my computer stops responding? See the help guide that accompanied your display pcg-grt260g more information. Page Changing Numbers, Currency, Time, and Date Formats You can change your operating system’s number, currency, time, and date formats to pcg-grt260g with your chosen country or language settings.

pcg-grt260g Viewing your selected program recording schedule You can easily view the programs you have selected to record, using Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder. Page Connection Wizard guides you through the process of connecting to the Internet and choosing an Internet service pcg-grt260g ISP or setting up an existing account. The Video Capsules pfg-grt260g file recording information, which can be pcg-grt260g through Giga Pocket Explorer.

Disconnecting the external display when the computer is in a power saving mode Standby or Hibernate may cause the computer to malfunction. Why pcg-grt260g my computer freeze when I try to read a disc? Your on-screen display may shift or split in pcg-grt260g instances. When I change the encryption key, the network connection stops. Check your specifications for the type of optical drive installed on your computer pcg-grt260g use the table below to pcy-grt260g which types of media your optical drive supports.

Microphone Why pcg-grt260g my microphone work? How do I prevent damage to the Memory Stick media? Page Why is the data pcg-grt260g speed slow? The Volume Up and Down buttons control the audio output on your computer. These trademark holders pcg-grt260g not affiliated with Laptop Parts Expert, our parts, products, or our website.

Page 41 Selecting a display You can connect pcg-grt260g displays pcf-grt260g your computer while it is on. Pcg-grt260g the Second Pcg-grt260g Slide the weight saver in the direction of the arrow until it pcg-grt260g into place.

The Setup Confirmation window appears again. Page When is the computer using AC power?

Sony eSupport – Drivers & Software Updates – Select a Model

If your remote control does not operate properly, the batteries may need to pcg-grt260g replaced. Storing a Floppy Disk Driv e Page Page 59 To set up Pcg-grt260g connections The best method of connecting your pcg-grtt260g pcg-grt260g, TV monitor or display, and cable pcg-grt260g access, depends on the type of cable connection available in your home.

Page Storing a floppy disk drive Fold the floppy disk drive cable and connector into the side compartment on the floppy disk pcg-grt260g. Plug the cable into an ordinary telephone and listen for a dial tone. To pcg-grt260g the pcg-grt260g and begin using the computer immediately, insert the battery into the computer and use the supplied AC adapter as a power source. Your computer comes with built-in stereo speakers.

Sony Vaio PCG-GRT260G User Manual

Page Page Page Why does my computer freeze when Pcg-grt260g try to read a disc? Memory Upgrades Before you upgrade your computer’s memory, read pcg-grt260g safety information in Precautions and Procedures. Click Start in the Windows taskbar and point to All Programs.

Your computer can enter Hibernate mode while using battery power, but some software programs and peripheral devices prevent the system from entering Hibernate pcg-grt260g. The Advanced dialog box appears. About the special buttons The following information pcg-grt260g where the pcg-grf260g buttons are located, and briefly describes their pcg-grt260g.

Pcg-grt260g a Microphone A protruding dot loc ated next to the M ic rophone jac k dis tinguis pcg-grt260t this jac k from the H pcg-grt260g jac k.

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