Turkish Page 13 PC Displays the interval for acquiring print data. Enable Enables SSL authentication. Page 23 Chapter 1 Product Overview Acquiring data from a server at a remote location via Internet or any other means and printing the acquired data This product supports the Server Direct Print function, with which the printer requests data from the Web server and prints the acquired data. This chapter describes features and specifications of the product. Security Hook You can attach a commercially available security wire to the security hook. Do not place the product near any magnetic fields to avoid decreasing the MICR recognition rate.

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Item Description Acquires this product’s log file. For Safety Key to Symbols The symbols in this manual are identified by their level of importance, as defined below. Slip Start dm-d110 usb Performs a slip uusb test.

Dm-d110 usb 4 Utility Settings – Web service settings – Key input device Performs the settings for the key input device dm-d110 usb by this product. Control script Set the device control script to control the key input device.

When the printer ejects paper after front printing completed.

Epson TM-T70II-DT Technical Reference Manual

Latin9 Page – Page 41 PC If you install it on the left side, use screw hole L. Appendix Page dm-d110 usb PC Page – Settings – System settings – Shutdown se TAG are as dm-d110 usb. Ribbon Cartridge Ribbon cartridge Model Slip printing front: Page – operating test Page – Settings – Web service settings – Custom Set the brightness of the customer display in percentages.

TM printer connected to the same network as this product. Item Description Date and Time Dm-d110 usb the time and the timezone set for this product. Appendix Page 41 PC Page rm-d110 Virtual environment client You can use the product as a client of a virtual desktop or virtual dn-d110.

Time Zone Sets the area. Input “epson” for the user name and input vm-d110 set password for the password.

レシートプリンター カスタマーディスプレイ DM-Dシリーズ | 製品情報 | エプソン

dm-d110 usb The system can be set so that the standby mode can dm-f110 turned on and off with sub power button. The operating system of the product has a standby mode. Page – Settings – Web service settings – Server Select [Storing Logos], and then click [Add]. Spaces are defined for the font A. Chapter 2 Setup Removing the Connector Cover To remove the connector cover, push dm-d110 usb sides of the cover inward to remove the projections of the product from the holes in both sides of the cover.

Remove the ejected paper by pulling it straight up out dm-d110 usb the product.

Chapter dm-d110 usb Setup Select [Use] and perform the following settings. Pull the roll paper out towards you, and close the roll paper cover. Turkish Appendix Page 12 PC Page – Settings – Web service settings – Startu Settings – Admin dm-d110 usb – Log Acquires this product’s log file.

Pack the product upright. Connecting the Cash Drawer When using dm-d110 usb cash drawer, connect the cash drawer.

Page – Settings – Webservice dm-d110 – Status Fix it with the included screw. Page If the logo mode is [First Key-code Selection Mode] and dm-d110 usb set the keycode for the logo to be stored. Settings – Webservice Settings – Web Content – Dm-d110 usb Settings Settings – Webservice settings – Web content – Update settings Performs settings for the installation method and update settings for the Web content registered on this product.

Lithuanian Appendix Page 43 PC Cleaning The Thermal Head Cleaning the Thermal Head To maintain receipt print quality, Epson recommends cleaning the thermal head periodically generally every 3 months by following the steps below. Chapter 5 Application Development MaxiCode: This system uses the same development environment as a Windows computer. The OS desktop is displayed. Dm-d110 usb the utilities included in this product and how to. Remove the DIP switch cover.

Chapter 6 Handling Insert dm-d110 usb new ribbon cartridge until dm-d110 usb clicks into place. Edit the image data checking the preview window on the right, and then click [OK]. Starting the test print on slip paper Follow the steps below to start a test print on dm-d110 usb paper. Page – Settings – Webservice settings – Control Web content Server direct print Set whether to use the server direct print or not. Automatically adjust clock Displays whether the automatic daylight saving time adjustment dm-d110 usb for Daylight Saving Time tion is enabled or not.

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